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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28 Sooke Fishing Report

Sooke's fishing remains like Sooke's weather for much of the summer, hot one day, cold the next. There's still fish regularly being caught, but no guarantees.

A Fishing trip report, Aug 28: "Fished Possession/Secretary until midmorning, then an hour or so at Otter Point. Caught a decent coho right off the bat, but it shook the hook at the boat. Only one solid bite for the morning, a few other nibbles. We saw a solo guy in an Arima land two nice springs within 10 minutes, off the SE corner of Secretary Island. He nicely told us 100' was the magic number and we saw he was using a gold betsy flasher. We also heard there was a bite early at Muir Creek."

Ryan from Fresh Fishin' sent in these photos of summer fishing fun in Sooke's waters.

Ron from Sidetrack sent some Sooke fishing photos too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21 Sooke Fishing Report

Reports from Sooke continue to be good. The hope is that maybe the recent rain will attract the big ones closer to shore.

Donovan Ray caught a 35 pounder yesterday, west of Sheringham.
No picture, so we’ll have to take his word for it. ;-) Here's a Donovan pic from the days gone by...

The Sooke News-Mirror reports Aaron Swanton caught a pair of 26 pounders. (photo courtesy of the News-Mirror)

Way to go Aaron!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19 Sooke Fishing Report

Neil from Salty Towers Oceanfront Cottages sent in this report today:

"This morning, I had the pleasure of being a guest onboard Footloose Salmon Fishing Charters. Skipper Mark Price and I headed out at 7 AM on a short excursion to Secretary Island. With numerous bites over two and a quarter hours, we came home with a 21 pound Chinook and a 41 pound Chinook, both caught in the same spot about one hour apart. Both fish hit on the OKI Tackle red - chrome blade. I had the pleasure of bringing them in on an Islander reel and a light eleven foot rod."

Sidetrack Charters headed to spots further west and came home with 7 nice springs!

A good day's fishing in Sooke.

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18 Sooke Fishing Report

The fishing in Sooke continues to be hot and cold. For a few days, there was a good bite reported at Trap Shack and Possession Point, then it slowed down again. So, the report remains there are definitely fish out there to chase...with a combination of persistence and luck they are there for the catching!

The Bite Me Derby was held last weekend in Sooke. Bill West won it with a 39.9 lb Spring Salmon caught off Beechey Head. 93 fish were weighed in, 90 spring salmon, 2 coho, and 1 halibut. $1,500 raised for the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society -- a very worthwhile cause for anyone interested in investing in the future of Sooke's salmon fishing!

Mark Price sent in a report of a couple of good fishing trips for the Stoddard family from Palm City Florida. First day at Otter Point, 38, 20, 25, 20, 20, and 13, and then a 35 pound Chinook caught at Possession Point the next. That's Dylan holding up the 35 pounder, impressing his sister Leah.

Sonny Hong and family had a couple days of excellent crabbing off the Rotary Pier in Sooke Harbour...eight Dungeness keepers on day two. A pretty good day's work in the hot August sun.

Good times to be had fishing Sooke's waters in August....get out there!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sooke Fishing Report, August 13

Salmon fishing in Sooke has been hot and cold in the past few weeks, but appears to have heated up in the last couple of days. Reports are coming in of good bite times, with lots of fish being caught.

Neil from Salty Towers reports plenty of action from Possession Point down to Muir Creek, pictured with a bunch of nice Springs caught with Mark Price and gang.

Some recent reports from the Sportsfishingbc forum:

Aug 5: Wolf: today saw a few fish caught, got mine down deeper today at 90 ft, the green/blue chrome head seems to be hot right now.

Aug 9: Tips up: Had a good day today. 26lb, 21 lb and 19 lb. Lost 2 others on a double header. Good bite around 11:00.

Aug 10: poe (Ian Husband): As I was coming in there were 4 others with fish all in the 20'sand 30's just coming seems to be getting hot in the Sooke area. [Ian caught this beauty at Otter Point]

Aug 10: chris73: It probably doesn't get any better this year anymore in Sooke. And the weather cooperates now too. 4 salmon bites (countless dogfish), 3 hooked, 2 landed: 20# and 17#, trap between 70 and 85'.

Aug 10: Luna: landed a 31,25, and 23# evening off Possession Point on a red hot spot and blue green chrome head, 6.5 ft leader at 78 ft.

Aug 11: abl: Trap shack was on fire this morning. 23#,28#, lost another. lots of fish being taken. water was like glass out there.

Photos to the right courtesy of Blue Wolf Charters.

And below is a report from this week's Sooke News-Mirror

Sports fishing heats up

Folks at the Crab Shack report fishing this past Saturday was the best they’ve seen this year.

Sunday saw another slowdown as whales were active. Wind has been another factor this past week.

Tackle having good results: Rhys Davies lead - glow green, mint pearl (first thing in the morning), chrome army truck (later in the morning), betsy flashers - green, red or chartreuse Hot Spot flashers. Some Coyote spoons have worked well, too, and nickel/green - glo green/chart.

Names and catches:

Any half-pound weights have been rounded-up.

Keith and Ron McDonald, with Brian Lacroix, a 53-lb halibut and 30-lb spring; Ian Husband - 38 pounder; K.C. -23; Lewis Schile 25 & 14; Dennis and Jack Edwards - 28 & 20; Paul Roy and Doug Bramby - 35 & 22; Ace Thom - 25;

Clarence Thomas 20 & 14; Garvin H. - 23; IWL Charters - 20; John S. - 24 & 22; John H. 18; Troy Smith - 27; Ed and Leyla Kustan - 21 & 23; Lorraine Lajeunessse 25 & 26; Phillip Andrews 25 & 16; Bob Waldhaus - 19 & 20; Chris and Mike Harris - 19 & 21; Ron Seacord - 26 & 15; Jimmy Chow - 23; Teague Griffin - 25 and Lorna Carswell - 17.

The week previous saw Brian Lacroix bring in salmon of 27 & 20 lbs. Luca Geib - 22; Art Foisy - 29; Bob and Luke Iles - 27 & 18; Dana Vowles - 25; Ben Westlake - 10; Alex Harris - 23; Nico Salvati - 26; Cal and Rodney - 16 & 18; Jim Cairns and Shawn Danyluk - a pair of 30s; Lewis Schile - 27; Edward Wormald - 20; Bill Mohro - 30; John Kruyer - 17; Kari Lindroos - 30; Nick Vuljak - 17; S. Carswell and John Kruyer - 29, 15, 28x2, 27, 20x2, 16; Rob Robinson - 18.


If there's any best time of the year, this is it....time to get out there!

Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4 Sooke Fishing Report

The fishing reports for Sooke continue to be hot and cold, or maybe lukewarm overall. There's a few fishing being caught, but also a fair number of boats coming home skunked. Those putting in the hours and a little bit of luck are bringing home some beauties.

Here is a picture of nice 28 lb spring salmon from Roy at Blue Wolf Charters (who has now returned from the North Vancouver Island and is back into Sooke fishing for August). He report it was caught at 59 feet, with the spot left nameless. (that old joke "so, where did you hook that one?" answer: "right in the mouth")

Steve Demianchuk caught his first Tyee on Sunday morning between Possession Pt and Secretary. He reports the 32 pounder made one long good run and then charged the boat. It saw the boat, sounded for a bit, then came to the surface. Steve, a fairly new resident for Sooke says "I'm totally hooked! This living in Sooke thing could be very good!" No doubt about it, one of the best places on Earth.

Neil from Salty Towers was out on Saturday for a quick fish before a friend's wedding. He hooked into two that he reckons were 25-35 pounds, right off Secretary. The first was lost due to pilot error, guest gripped that knucklebuster a bit tight and the mainline snapped (ouch). Second lost to a seal, just 50 feet off the Island.

Reports of an first light bite off Sheringham, for those willing to get up really early and travel in the dark. You do what you have to do, to get that fish of your dreams aboard.

Foggy mornings, welcome to "Fog-ust", so get that GPS and radar running, and motor safely.

Good luck out there!

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