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Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Fisherman's Christmas

I was joking with my wife about fishermen being easy to shop for, so much gear needed, new stuff always welcomed. It gave me the idea of starting a thread about what fishermen (sorry, anglers, not to be ***ist) hope to find under the tree. You can casually leave it on the computer "by accident" if you want to give some hints...

[and to the spouses and friends, if in doubt, ask the counter person at the store what works well in your area; for sure it is the thought that counts, but it's even better if the gift is useful!]

I've tried to think of things just about every fisherperson needs, for salmon and halibut... but there's local variations. I think this is stuff you can always use.

Under $10:
Teaser heads, hootchies, spoons, hooks, swivels, quick release clips, leader line, spreader bars, halibut leaders, scent.

Under $20:
Flashers, plugs, filet knives, fish many boat gizmos and doodads, just walk around Trotac or West Marine, it's crazy how much gear fits on boats. Good thermos.

Under $50:
Downrigger balls (pair of balls under the tree? there's a joke in there somewhere), rod holder (ditto), anchor (more fitting than the balls?), anchor line retriever.

Under $100:
Net, rod, reel, halibut harpoon, scotchman buoy to go with it, new fishing cooler.

Bigger ticket items:

New floater jacket: get rid of the old mouldy one, get one you actually might wear, it literally could save your life.

New floater bib: instead of rain pants, wear bib overalls with flotation as part of your standard gear...again, could save your life.

Electric downriggers: hey, you never know, if you've been extra special good this year.

Man o man...that lists gets long quickly.

What else?

Of course, what we all wish for is excellent fishing for if anyone can arrange to have that delivered, you can keep the rest. :-)


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