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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th Sooke Fishing Report

Our first report of 2009…Happy New Year to the many friends of Sooke Fishing Adventures around the world. 2008 ended dramatically in Sooke with lots of snow and cold weather. Most of the latter half of December was a write-off for fishing, with frozen gear and iced up driveways, not to mention some windy days. However, a few diehards still got out there.

Ryan from Fresh Fishin’ Charters provides the following December fishing report: “I caught a few springs over the Christmas holidays, 140 feet bouncing bottom off the Sooke Bluffs. Glow clear/white hoochies with a super betsy flasher have been the ticket. Two of the springs I caught on the same day were loaded with shrimp”. That sounds like a pretty good Christmas present…a little feast from the sea to counter the turkey over-indulgence.

In the first week of 2009, the weather appears to be thawing, once again opening up fishing opportunities for those wanting to chase salmon in Sooke waters. There are still some blustery days out there, so you have to pick your spots, but there’s the occasional clear and cold day offering glassy seas…so get out there and catch some fish! Just make sure to bring your thermos and your toque….brrr.

Good luck out there!


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