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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22 Sooke Fishing Report

This week's Sooke fishing report has a theme ... and that a lot of sockeye being caught in Sooke's waters!

Neil from Salty Towers gives a quick concise summary of a typical day's fishing lately: "2 men, 2 springs, 2 sockeye, 2 hours, Secretary Island".

Dan "TheRock" provides the following report and the photo at right: "Was out yesterday, the Sockeye were thick.. we got one good spring, the rest was a limit of Sockeye on bait while fishing for springs. Today we tried the same, but the Sockeye were not in close, we had to go out a bit off Secretary, we had guests on the boat today we were actually targeting the sockeye today. Most of them were caught 60-100 feet today. a bit deeper." Today Dan was fishing with Cory (aka "Yammy5"), his dad Chris and his brother Damon. It was Chris's Birthday and he got some happy birthday Sockeye presents!

Luke from VIPFishing says "here's what we can do in 3 hours fishing, 14 total with one 15 lbs chinook caught with a hoochy. The bite seems to go from 6am until 10 after that it get pretty slow".

So there you go ... fishing is EXCELLENT for Sooke right now, get out there while the fish are here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16 Sooke Fishing Report

Salmon fishing this week is reported to be HOT!

Dave from Ocean Dreams Fishing Charters reports a trip yesterday where they caught 16 spring salmon and sockeye in two hours. Neil from Salty Towers Oceanfront Resort has been out in the morning last few days, catching his limit before 9am -- yesterday one 20 pound spring and 7 sockeye. The day before two spring salmon over 30 pounds. Not bad!

Gord from Foghorn Fishing Charters reports good fishing lately: "Finding a few good fish each trip -- see the pics of some happy clients. Sockeye fishing has been good since the opening. No special colours or depth just working everything, big bait little bait, try all of it and it will happen. A hook in the water catches fish!"

For sockeye, right out front of Secretary Island in 300 feet plus depth seems to be working, with gear 40-80 feet depths -- any flasher with a short leader (20") to a pink or red hootchie. In the morning has been best, before 10 am.

For springs, not a lot of specifics to report on gear and locations. Possession Point has been good, as has Otter Point.

Time to down tools and get out there and fish for them, while they are here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sooke fishing update, August 5th

The hot and cold fishing in Sooke this season seems to be hot once again. Spring salmon are being caught more regularly. Also, sockeye is now open for fishing.

Neil from Salty Towers Oceanfront Resort sent in this photo, after a quick fishing trip today with a limit catch at Possession Point in just over an hour. Big Fun Ahead indeed!

Sockeye catches have been reported over the past week, but they couldn't be kept. Today, they can! One report said he found them out in 350-400 feet depth right out front of Sooke Harbour mouth. Once you find the school, it's great action ... and you can't beat sockeye for dinner table.

For halibut, Serge sent in a couple of photos of his catches in the Jordan River area, two over 100 pounds caught in July, and 8 halibut up to 100 pounds caught in April.

Have fun out there!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sooke salmon derby

The Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society held their 7th annual salmon fishing derby this weekend. An excellent event, as always, very well organized and raising funds for an excellent cause. Approximately 300 entrants and only 57 fish weighed in, so the fishing was on the slow side.

Eldon Smith won the big one with a 38 + lb. fish. He was fishing with his two boys, played the fish for a while then passed the rod to the older boy when the fish got close to the boat so he could net it. Pretty exciting to share an experience like that!

A big thank you to all the volunteers and to the prize donors, and to all the entrants too ... your ticket money goes to keeping the hatchery going, and keeping Sooke River's salmon stocks healthy for generations to come. Keep in mind that the SSES is always on the lookout for members, volunteers, and donations ... if you love fishing in Sooke, then do your part and give something back, it feels great to know you're doing good!

As far as a report goes ... if there is a bite these days, it appears to be first thing in the morning, that's when most fish seemed to be caught. It's spotty all over, but the Trap Shack and Possession Point seem to be a little hotter than other spots, though some fish did come in from Otter Point, Muir Creek, and Sheringham Point too.

Seems to be the end of a standard July ... some decent salmon caught here and there, but hot and cold fishing. Let's hope August picks up! [and cross your fingers for a sockeye opening in the next week maybe]

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