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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sooke River Salmon

A couple of videos of salmon in Sooke River. First, some October flyfishing for chum salmon (with underwater footage). The action is steady for these hard fighting salmon. It is all catch and release with fly fishing gear only and with barbless hooks. There are coho salmon and spring (chinook) salmon in the River too, but mostly it is chum this time of year.

The second is just the underwater footage -- swimming with the salmon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 20 Sooke Fishing Report

Monday saw the last day of halibut fishing for 2010. There were a number of boats on both Sunday and Monday giving it one more shot. Now we put away our anchors and heavy rods, and wait to find out when the 2011 season will open.

The salmon fishing in Sooke continues to be quite good. There are still coho around, reported from 200-500 foot depths, mostly caught 1oo feet or deeper. A few large ones pushing 20 pounds have been caught, though mostly are 8-12 pounds -- lots of fun with these scrappy salmon, especially if you use smaller flashers and lighter gear. Anglers have had success with white hootchies and green/glow spoons. Anchovies in a bait holder work too....these coho are hungry, and if you go through a school, they will probably take most anything.

Some people are catching chum salmon in the teens too, when they slow down, sometimes when slowing the boat to play another fish.

The winter springs are also here and of decent size, 10-12 pounds. These are fished near the bottom in 130-150 feet, usually from Possession Point/Secretary to the Wells-o-Weary trailer park towards Otter Point. Anchovies work, but most anglers use hootchies ... less work and just as much success!

The weather has generally been nice and calm lately, not much wind and some sunny days. Though it looks like some bad weather is coming for the weekend, especially towards Victoria, so keep a close eye on the forecasts. Have fun, play safe!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sooke Fishing Report, Oct 12

Sooke's salmon fishing is quite good right now, with reports of big coho and nice sized winter springs.

The coho are reported as being caught in deeper water 300-500 foot depths, mostly fishing deep as well 120-150 feet, or even to as deep as 180. Most anglers are using hootchies and spoons.

The winter springs are in the usual spots, from Sooke Bluffs to the Trailer park, 140-160 deep right off the bottom. Reports of some 10 pound plus, which is big for this time of year.

It is also the last week of 2010 for halibut fishing -- there were a half dozen or more boats off Sooke trying for a flat fish. Here's Marty with a nice Sooke-caught halibut. That's something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Weather has been rainy at times, but mostly glassy calm and mild temperatures. Overall, probably nicer than summer, in terms of wind and fog....might just be the nicest time of year to fish in Sooke.

Good luck out there!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sooke coho update, Oct 1

The Area 20 regulations have been updated as of October 1st, Sooke anglers can keep 4 coho, one of which can be 1 wild. This will be a relief, as some anglers were reporting ten-to-one wild to hatchery coho, so you have to catch a lot of salmon before you can keep one.

Here's a photo of Jerrod (Smiley66), releasing a nice wild coho last week ... that would have been dinner as of October 1st. :-)

The coho fishing is reported to be excellent. At Salty Towers, all of the boats yesterday came back with their limit of coho, in the 10-14 lb range. They were fishing from the Sooke harbour mouth west, in 200-300 feet of water, at 70-120 foot depths. These aggressive coho aren't picky, apparently biting on anchovies, spoons, or hootchies.

Now's the time to get out there, and have some fishing fun!

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