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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sooke Fishing Report, Jan 30

Some good reports of salmon fishing around Sooke this weekend! It sounds like there was solid action in the mornings, with plenty of hits on purple haze squirts and anchovies, and some nice keepers up to 10 pounds.

Doug from D&D Fishing Charters says "it was on fire! We departed the dock at 8 and returned at 1230. Landed 8 fish which we released 4 of them and lost three we never saw. We ended the day with a double header which we kept the first fish to the boat (10lb) and released the second fish which was 12 lb+. The fish you see in the photo are most around 27+- inches. The water was flat calm. Crabbing was also excellent, dropped two traps when departing and on return had 8 crab to take home."

Steve from Seawind Fishing Charters had a similar Sooke report -- fishing in front of the Trailer Park, on Saturday for just a few hours, they caught 12 salmon up to 9 pounds. He said they two biggers ones on that got away, they were ripping out line -- so maybe there's some big ones out there. The fish were caught at 130 depth, with purple haze squirt and blue and silver coyote.

Closer to Victoria, Trevor from No Bananas Fishing Charters says "Sat morning we headed out to Constance Bank. Once there we put one rod down with anchovie and one with a puple haze squirt, both rods hitting the sand in 130feet of water. We didn't go more than a minute when both rods started to go. It was very consistant for 3 hours and we kept our 6 salmon, 8-10lbs, and let go many others. Sunday morning we ended up over to Whirl Bay to hide from the north- east winds. We had to work for our fish but managed to keep 4 all around 9 or 10lbs and lost a few more as well. The same gear as above was the ticket again but in shallower around 90ft of water. So I would say there is good fishing to be had and should just get better and bigger in the next couple months."

Nice! That's what you like to hear.

Still no solid news on the halibut front, as to when the season will open. However, the DFO site now says "
Recreational fishing for halibut is closed until Feb. 28, 2011". This sounds like the intended opening is March 1st -- if so, that would be good news. Not the Feb.1st opening of years past, but at least some certainty as when it is time to drop anchor and try for a nice white flat fish!

Have fun out there, stay safe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 Sooke Fishing Report

Salmon fishing around Sooke has been spotty lately, a few salmon caught here and there, but some slow days too. However, the weather has improved for the moment, with some nice calm days and a break in the rain. Getting on the water is better than a lot of things ... some fun days out.

Local guides have a few reports to pass along...

Roy from Blue Wolf Fishing Charters has caught a few nice ones, fishing between the Sooke harbour mouth and the trailer park. One day say 4 spring salmon up to 12 pounds, caught on cop car spoons and purple haze hootchies.

Closer to Victoria, Trevor from No Bananas Fishing has fished in Pedder bay a couple morning for a few hours, reported is a bit slow but got better than average salmon, with a 12 pounder one day and a 14 pounder the next.

Gord from Foghorn Fishing has found some salmon off the Victoria beach and out the Banks, reporting lots of herring around but some bad days with the seals. He reports spoons and hootchies in depths 135-185 feet.

Crabbing is reported to be good.

So...seems there's some fish out there, definitely worth giving a go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halibut meeting tonight

The halibut Town Hall meeting took place in Langford this evening. Hosted by Chris Bos from the BC Sport Fishing Coalition, it was standing room only with about 400 anglers in attendance. That's a great turnout, to hear about this very important issue and find out more about what anglers can do to ensure there's recreational halibut fishing this summer.

Check out the website to find out more, including letter writing campaign info and other town hall locations.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sooke Fishing Update & Halibut meeting

Sooke salmon fishing has been decent lately. Most salmon caught are in the 5-8 pound range, but there's a few up to 15 pounds like this one caught by the Salty Towers crew. The usual winter spots have been good from the Bluffs to the trailer park, but some anglers have had success off Possession Point towards the harbour mouth.

There is an important meeting in Langford next week regarding the halibut fishery for 2011 -- see below.


The totally inadequate, biased and unfair allocation system in place for Canada’s Pacific halibut is about to create a short season disaster for local anglers. Come on out to hear the facts at the Victoria Town Hall meeting on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7:00PM (In the West Shore Ballroom of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 829 McCallum Road, Langford - behind Costco). Join us to find out what you can do about it. Halibut is the concern today, but other species (salmon, groundfish, crabs and prawns) are scheduled for the same treatment by Fisheries and Oceans…. We all need to send a very strong message to the authorities immediately that this is unacceptable.

Guest speakers will outline the issue, a panel representing several segments of the public fishery will give their perspectives and there will be an open mike session, where you can ask questions and offer your comments.

Come on out and join us, bring a friend, this may be the most important contribution you make to the future of fishing for all of us.


Chris Bos
Southern Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition
(250) 652-4141

Sooke Fishing Adventures
Phone: 1-250-642-2587