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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sooke/Victoria fishing update, March 30

"No Bananas" Trevor reports on another good week of halibut fishing in between Sooke and Victoria:

"it's been a great week of halibut fishing with limit trips all week. Our largest this week was 85lbs, a few in the 70s and lots 45-55lbs. We even managed a couple flat calm days as well. Some days the bite was all day long and on any bait and other days it was fast and furious on the tide changes only, but one thing's for sure there are lots of halibut out there right now! The first few pics are from the McGiveron group which are fast becoming famous at Pedder Bay as my good luck charms! Then there are a couple pics from the Matt Regier group these guys tuffed out a very rough day and managed some fine eats!"

There were also some nice size salmon reported in Sooke this week. A few wild ones in the low 20s that had to be released, and at least one 15 pound hatchery keeper, with most in the 7-8 lb range. Daily reports seem to be hit and miss, but there are fish being caught ... so if you need an excuse for a day on the water, there you have it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20 Sooke/Victoria Fishing Update

A few Spring Break fishing reports for the Sooke and Victoria areas. Though weather has been iffy, the halibut fishing has been excellent, and salmon fishing decent too. See the info below.

Gord from Foghorn Fishing Charters reports: "The weather has been terrible, wind and more wind everyday so it has made it harder on fishing but there are good halibut and good salmon in the slot size around. Spoons and bait seemed to be the ticket for salmon last week and the ticket for halibut is herring and mackerel on the bottom, well away from any other boats -- more boats in a spot less chances of catching".

Trevor from No Bananas Fishing Charters provides a good report as well "We managed to sneak out weds and thurs in between systems, to the Albert Head area. Weds we got the rods down at 930am and had our first fish a nice 50lbr in the boat by 1030, then all hell broke loose we just got cleaned up from the first fish when one of the rods slams down to the water and starts running line. My buddy Doug grabs the rod and I start bringing in the other 3 rods, once I got all the rods in I said 'how are you making out?' His reply was 'it's still running'. So I let go of our anchor and started chasing him down. Now I'm thinking '150 or 200lbs, wow 2 in 2 days', but about a half hour later I stick the harpoon in a tail hooked 85lbr. Still a nice fish and Doug's biggest by far but not what we were expecting. lol Then thurs we looked at the weather and figured we could get a couple hours in so off we went rods down by 1030 and rods up by 11 with a quick limit of 30lbrs. We caught fish on every bait from cutplug herring, mackeral, octopus, and grey cod bellies. It didn't seem to matter. The next set of good tides are Mar 24-31 get out there and get em!"

Doug from
D&D Fishing Charters reports from west of Sooke: "Saturday we Halibut fished Jordan River with two moms, and three 12 year olds. The water had a 1/2 foot chop and it was sun/cloudy. Fishing was great during the Ebb and we had four on and they landed two (not that easy for a 12 yr old) and the biggest as 47lb. Only caught one dogfish but I got four gray cod which I very rarely see in the Jordon River area. Salmon belly was the bait most fish hit on. During our trip back to Sooke we probably past 20 boats hali fishing".

Get out there and catch some fish!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Halibut Fishing in Sooke

The 1st annual Sooke Halibut Derby & Festival was last weekend. Some pretty ugly weather on the ocean, but the contestants slugged it out like champs, with well over 30 halibut caught. Des from Vicious Fish Charters had a seriously good Saturday, with a 167 pounder 1st place, as well as taking 3rd and 4th place. Des wouldn't give up where he caught them, though, other than "somewhere out west".

The derby also donated 150 pounds of filets to the Sooke Food Bank, and proceeds to the Charters Creek Salmon Centre and other local good cause. Great event, hopefully the first of many more in years to come.

Trevor from No Bananas Fishing Charters had a great day on Monday with his "lucky charms", the Magiveren's. [though maybe should have brought them out on Sunday, those fish at the derby would have won some money!] Ah well, awesome catch any day. Here's Trevor's report:

"Well we had a few days of halibut fishing booked over the last few days started off on Friday with a no go because of weather, then Saturday I had a crew that toughed out some horrible weather for a few hours and we landed 4 halibut between 25-40lbs. Most were caught on herring or octopus, we fished off Albert Hd. Sunday was another weather day just too big of waves for my crew's liking. Monday we managed to get out again off Albert Head. We got the anchor down around 8am and held on as the wind, rain,and waves pounded us. It was around 11am, not a bite, and I was beginning to think 'here comes my first no-fish day of the year', when all of a sudden the wind died,the tide changed and the fish started biting. Our first fish was actually a double header, we landed a 30lbr first and then waited and waited some more for the next one to come up. When it finally did it was much bigger than i thought it was going to be, a quick harpoon job and she was in the boat. I guessed it at 150lbs, we quickly caught 2 more a 60 and a 30 and our tags were full. Back at the dock when I put her on the scale at pedder bay she was exactly 150lbs. We got the halibut octopus, mackeral and herring in 300ft of water."

Just goes to show you "Stick and Stay and Make it Pay" holds true yet again...good job Trevor.
That's a good day's fishing right there.

No salmon reports this week ... seems to be halibut on everyone's minds! Get out there and chase one of your own, just play safe.

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11 Sooke Fishing Update

March 11 Fishing Update

March fishing in Sooke presents a nice mix of tasty seafood options, with halibut, salmon, and Dungeness crab available for catching.

With the halibut fishing season delayed a month to March 1st, there have been a lot of anxious anglers awaiting their chance to get out there and chase the big flatfish. The season opening last week has seen dozens of boats leaving Sooke Harbour in pursuit -- and plenty of halibut have returned to the docks, from Constance Bank off Victoria to Sombrio Point, and the many spots around Sooke.

Dave Yakimovich of Ocean Dreams Charter Company reports some good fishing luck. He took out the Cougar Pacific Electrical crew last weekend, and guided them into three nice halibut, 55, 40 and 30 pounds. Yakimovich was a little cagey on giving up exactly where they caught these fish, saying only “west of Sooke”. However, he did report the halibut were caught using herring and salmon belly strips.

Pictured is Simon with a 40-pounder and the rest of the crew with a 55-pounder.

This weekend is the 1st Annual Sooke Halibut Derby and Festival. Organizer Paul Pudwell reports tickets are selling fast, so this event should prove to be a fun one for participants and spectators alike. The weigh-in is at the Crab Shack at 2pm Sunday. The winner gets a cool $5,000 cash, but all proceeds go to charity, including the winning halibut to be donated to the local food bank. Tickets are $50 at the Crab Shack or Eagle Eye Wilderness.

Salmon fishing remains steady for winter Chinook. Here’s Peter with a nice hatchery Chinook “dinner fish”, caught off the Bluffs at 130 feet, on a red glow flasher and white glow hootchie. Squirts and hootchies are the “go to” lures this time of year for many anglers, in particular the purple haze and glow varieties. Other anglers have reported success with spoons and anchovies in teaser heads – these are a nice option in winter as the water is clear enough that you can fish them without a flasher, allowing a fun fight without the flasher’s drag.

The salmon “slot limit” has been implemented early this year, meaning anglers can wild salmon from 45-67cm (approx 5-8 lbs) or hatchery-born salmon. This restriction is intended to protect the troubled early Fraser River Chinook salmon passing through Sooke waters over the next few months.

Good luck to all anglers and make sure you play safe!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sooke Halibut Fishing

Halibut season is open once again in Sooke. Today was a very windy, stormy day, not a day to be at sea, but a few people got out yesterday on opening day to chase a few flat fish.

Some reports from opening day...

Trevor from No Bananas Charters caught a 40 and 25 pound halibut off Victoria, and let another go near 25 pounds. He reported there were tons of dogfish, so the halibut were caught on white grubs

Dave from Ocean Dreams Charters caught a 30 pounder west of Sheringham Point

Roy from Blue Wolf Fishing Charters caught a 38 and a 24 pounder off Sooke, very quickly turned into a tasty fish and chip meal.

And that should be enough to get you keen to get out there and get some for yourself!

On the salmon front, no recent reports to pass along. But, unfortunately, the "slot limit" regulation was put in place early this year, starting now until June 17th: "During this time period and in this area the daily limit is two (2) chinook salmon per day which may be wild or hatchery marked between the size limit of 45 cm and 67 cm or hatchery marked only chinook over 67 cm in length." That means winter springs are still catchable, but only to about 8 pounds. Nice BBQ fish anyway.

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