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Sooke Fishing Report

Welcome to the Sooke Fishing Adventures website! On this page, we will post regular updates on what's happening with Sooke fishing, Vancouver Island fishing, and other news of interest to our fishing friends from around the world.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sooke Fishing update, Oct 30

Sooke salmon fishing seems to be transitioning from Coho to Winter Springs. A few reports of coho out in the tidelines, fishing deep (90-12o feet), a mixed bag of wild and hatchery, though on the smaller side, around 7 pounds.

There's more reports now of anglers targeting feeder Chinook salmon ... or "blackmouths" for the Americans. This is an fun and productive fish to chase, right in front of Sooke from the Bluffs to the Otter Point Trailer Park. They are often smaller, 5-8 pounds, but you sometimes can find a nice bigger one in the teens. Generally you fish in depths of 100-140 feet, with your gear 10 feet above the bottom, and troll with purple haze or glow hootchies, with any flasher. There is often consistent action, throwing back smaller ones until you get some keepers. When the action gets really steady, you can try running lighter gear, with spoons or bait and no flasher -- get more of a fight from these scrappy little salmon.

Jamie sent in a couple of photos of a fun Sunday morning trip -- left at 8am, back by 11. He was in front of Sooke in 120 feet of water, fishing at 100 feet with a silver Betsy flasher and irish mist (green white) hootchie. He kept two salmon, 16lbs and about 7lbs, plus released 4 smaller ones. Home in time for brunch with the missus and lots of time for the "honey do" list, with dinner now taken care of -- a pretty good way to spend a Sunday morning!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sooke Salmon Fishing Seminar

On November 12th there will be an advanced salmon fishing seminar held at the newly opened Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre. The centre and the adjoining hatchery are located on the Charters River at 2895 Sooke River Rd about a half mile before the Sooke Potholes parking lot. The afternoon's presentations will begin at noon and conclude at 4pm. Guest speakers are Tom Davis of Rhys Davis Fishing Lures, Malcolm Russell of Russell Electronics and Joanne Harrison of Island Outfitters.

Chris Bos will MC the seminar and will give an outlook for the 2012 recreational halibut fishery and possible actions planned. Tom Davis will speak on trolling with bait, choosing the right flashers and other gear. Malcolm Russell will speak on fishing with electricity and understanding electrolysis. Joanne Harrison will speak on advanced techniques in the use of hootchies and spoons, and how to target bigger fish.

The seminar will begin at 12 noon and conclude at 4pm. Cost is $25.00 per person with 100 tickets being available. All proceeds are being donated to the Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre. Tickets available at Island Outfitters, Trotac, Westshore Sport Fishing and Eagle Eyes Outfitters. There are door prizes and a draw for a new in box ACE Line Hauler

Ticket holders may want to come a bit early and have a look around the grounds and the buildings before the seminar begins.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sooke Coho Fishing, Oct 14

The summer chinook salmon are gone from Sooke's waters, moved on to their rivers of origin to spawn ... hopefully creating some trophy tyees for local waters in 4-5 years from now.

But the autumn fishing in Sooke is good right now, with lots of coho salmon around. These are caught from East Sooke all the way past Otter Point, in the deep water, 250-600 feet. Depths vary, but 50-90 feet seems to be the most common ... though some days it seems they are only biting deeper. Anglers are using both anchovies and hootchies with success -- as some say these aggressive fish will attack pretty much anything that passes by their nose.

Last weekend saw the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Coho Derby in Sooke. The event raised $1,800 for the Charters Creek Salmon Interpretative Centre, plus over 500 pounds of of fillets for the Food Bank. Bob Pincombe won it (though his son Jamie claims the expertise), with 16 pounder. They caught it in front of the trailer park in about 220ft depth, at 65 ft with a green glow and white squirt.

The first weekend in October was the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society netting their broodstock in the Sooke River. An excellent volunteer turnout for a very successful taking ... some really big coho and chinook in the river. These are the ones that eluded you all year, and now get the chance to pass their genes on. Great stuff! To volunteer or donate to SSES, visit the website If you love fishing in Sooke, then give a little back, and help preserve the fun for your kids and future generations.

Good luck out there!

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